From the Seattle Times:

The Seattle’s mayoral race is too close to call, with environmentalist attorney Mike McGinn leading T-Mobile executive Mallahan in the first count of ballots released by King County tonight.

With 85,000 ballots counted, McGinn is currently up by 910 votes.

As McGinn came out to talk at his party at The War Room, supporters burst into huge cheers, hugged and high-fived chanted of “We like Mike.”

If the results hold it would be an upset for McGinn, who was outspent by more than 3-to-1, opposed by the city’s biggest business and labor groups, and seemed to back down on his biggest campaign issue — opposition to the deep-bore tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct — two weeks ago.

King County Elections officials predict a 56 percent turnout. In Seattle, a total of 210,000 votes are expected.

The McGinn campaign says it’s not too late to vote.

More images from the McGinn war room at the Stranger.

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