From the homepage of Williams Sports Information:

  • Both Men’s and Women’s Soccer won their respective NESCAC quarterfinals, so the Men’s team is headed to Wesleyan for the rest of the tournament, while the ladies will be hosting at Cole Field. Unlike in the regular season, the webcasts of the Williams/Tufts and Amherst/Middlebury games will be available for free at this link, provided you are willing to listen to my commentary.
  • Wesleyan will be webcasting the away football game, which is also their homecoming match. See here, then look under the “webcast” column on the right for the feed.
  • The NESCAC volleyball tournament at Tufts will be on Jumbocast. The Ephs are seeded second.
  • Last, Trinity is hosting the NESCAC field hockey finals. See here for the games.
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