The Spring Street Blues – From the Files of Security

  • 10-31, 3:15 a.m., Spencer: Officers were dispatched to meet WPD officers who received a call of a person in distress. The only information that could be obtained was that the caller was in a fourth floor room in a dorm at the corner of Hoxsey and Main Street. Officers met WPD and informed them that there was no such room in Spencer House. Officers then checked Morgan and West. The person was located in West.
  • 10-31, 4:05 p.m., Goodrich House: A fire alarm was activated due to a failed attempt to bake a pie.

NYC shuttle sees full-capacity ridership – By Katy Gathright
The weekend shuttles to New York City that Williams Transport began offering this year have enjoyed considerable success in terms of student sign-ups, meaning that the service will likely return not only for the spring semester, but also for the next academic year. A comparable service for Boston-bound students is also now on the table for next year.

No neighborhood magic – Christopher Holland ’11
As much as we might wish it did, no magic wand can make the lives better of those who are dissatisfied on campus. The report shows that an overwhelming number of students are dissatisfied with the neighborhood system. However, it also shows that students are dissatisfied with more than just the neighborhoods: They are dissatisfied with the same issues that led to the creation of the neighborhoods in the first place. The problems that the neighborhoods are addressing run deeper than where people live. We need to look critically at the College’s strengths and weaknesses and address in earnest what this report shows about student experience in the Purple Valley itself, rather than in our imaginations.

Open letter to Adam Falk – Elizabeth Hwang ’13
Don’t fall into the trap of complacency and bureaucracy. During your visits, it would be helpful to expose yourself to the wider Williams community. Attend a few sports games. Come to entry snacks. Eat at our dining halls (I would advise trying to jostle through lunch at Paresky, just once, to get the idea.) Sit in on classes. Continue what you started when you took the campus tour: Become a frosh. Do not, under any circumstances, simply attend meetings and walk around, admiring the view. Make yourself a visible presence on campus, and don’t let the administration act as a smoke screen between you and the College. […]

In some ways, you have it easy. President Edward Dorr Griffin, back in 1821, arrived at a deserted college. He had two professors – one rather old, the other reluctant to stay – and a handful of students. Most of the faculty and students had left for Amherst, along with the former president. Griffin then went on to single-handedly raise $25,000, bring two of our most influential professors to campus and build Griffin Hall. Not bad for a theology student with a Doctorate of Divinity. As a physics Ph.D., gifted speaker and experienced administrator, you might just have a leg-up.

A meal of epic portions, dining with the O-line – By Kari Yook
Sitting between linebacker Conor Ryan ’12 and offensive lineman John Rabiner ’12, I threw out a rumor that had been circulating around campus: There exists a chicken-nugget-eating title for a member of the football team who can stuff down the most McNuggets in one sitting. As it turns out, the rumor was true. According to my sources, on the first Tuesday of this season, 20 players on the team headed to the nearest McDonalds to test the willpower of the offensive line’s newest members. “Every year, there’s a nugget contest between the freshman offensive linemen,” Ryan said with a hint of a smile. “Cong shattered the mark with 100 nuggets.”

According to Tian, the team was shocked. “I didn’t believe it either. I guess it just happened,” he said. Tian asserts that the Mission fare he is used to is appetizing enough that he “eats a lot” on a regular basis, but those 100 nuggets were the most food the freshman from Ronkonkoma, N.Y. has ever consumed in one sitting. “It can’t be healthy,” he said. “Right afterwards, I got back to Mission and a lot of chicken nuggets came back out.”

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