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Yankees Win

Professor Sam Crane and I disagree about a lot of things, but we were both happy to see the Yankees win the World Series. Here is Hal Steinbrenner ’91, who has taken over as managing partner from his father, George Steinbrenner ’52.

Let me repeat my offer from last year.

Are you an Eph interested in being a sports writer? Write for EphBlog! We have hundreds of readers per day and your beat would be the New York Yankees (and Hal Steinbrenner ‘91). If you don’t take up this offer, then you probably don’t really want to be a sports writer. And, who know, you might even get a book out of it, as Derek Charles Catsam ‘93 did from his Red Sox Diary series.

And, if not the Yankees, then the Patriots or the Pirates. And, if not sports, then Senator Udall or soon-to-be Senator Coakley.