From the April 21, 1998 Record:

[President Hank] Payne mentioned plans for more large events, a program on leadership by Chair and Professor of Psychology George Goethals at a new center at Mount Hope Farm, and a new program to give students the qualifications to teach in public schools to increase student interest in civic life.

1) Did anything ever come of this discussion?

2) Bates offers a minor in Education. Does this help out Bates students who go into teaching, at least in terms of the certification necessary in various states? Should Williams do something similar?

3) As best I can tell, a huge percentage of teachers go on to get “Masters,” or is that only true in Massachusetts. Main benefit seems to be increased pay. So, perhaps Williams could offer a “Masters in Education” that would just count the vast numbers of AP courses that most Williams students come in with along with a couple of classes in education. That would be a scam, compared to what my daughters’ teachers — including a recent Williams graduate — have to go through, but it would be a scam in a good cause.

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