Excuse the all caps headline. This news comes to us via EphBlog math correspondent “12

Williams recovered the Green Chicken from Middlebury in a hard fought battle Saturday, November 7, 2009, winning 199-180 (maximum possible score was a 240). The top four scores for each side made up the team; the Williams team was led by Nick Arnosti (tied for top score overall), Carlos Dominguez, Ralph Morrison, and Wei Sun. There were 40 participants, 19 from Williams and 21 from Middlebury (making this one of the largest competitions on Middlebury soil). Pictures and a copy of the test. Celebration dinner this Wednesday, November 11, 5:45-7 pm, Mission (Dennett Room); all welcome. Congratulations to all participants and fans, including Coach Steven Miller and Professors Beeson and Stoiciu.

For extra credit, solve it yourself:

(thanks to nuts for the image)

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