I am curious to know what current students think of Professor Bernard Moore as member of the Williams faculty. Emma Davenport writes:

surprise surprise, the guy who doesn’t give a damn if we learn anything, who forces people to write “uncritical” book summaries, who implied that nobody had good motivations, and who stays in the room while we fill out our evaluations, also has few moral qualms about stealing money from the government, colleges, and banks. one more reason why Williams should not just hire someone because of connections, but make sure the person actually cares about teaching students – since that is an indication of SOME moral character. worst class of my williams career was last semester, but at least he gave straight As to the entire class. everybody knew he sucked but somehow he was re-hired.

from, a very frustrated student last spring who was reminded by this scandal. ;-)

Is Davenport’s description accuate? What did other students think of Moore as a professor in the classroom? Could someone please add his factrak evaluations in the comment thread?

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