From the Record:

Kolesar said the College only learned about the situation on Tuesday evening. The College had no knowledge of Moore’s prior convictions.

Moore has been unavailable for comment.


“From my standpoint the most important thing is that for the students in Political Science 303 [Black Leadership] there’s continuity one way or the other,” said Jim Mahon, professor and department chair of political science. “We’re coordinating that right now – it will continue as a college course and we’re working to make sure that it’s as good as it can be.” Mahon added that he and the department had no knowledge of Moore’s prior conviction and had only ever known him as Bernard, not Ernest, but that “it would be premature to characterize it as an alias,” he said.


Kolesar said it is unclear whether Moore’s suspension from the College will affect Monday’s panel, which includes Congressman John Conyers (Mich.) and activist and comedian Bill Cosby.

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