Here are the two key documents from the legal case against Professor Bernard Moore: Statement of Facts ECF and Plea Agreement ECF If you are a reporter from the Record, Eagle or Transcript who uses these documents, or any other material from EphBlog, you ought to cite us. Much of this material was already covered here. Highlights:

1) Moore was informed in July 2007, two months before he started at Williams, that he was the target of a “criminal investigation involving student aid fraud.” Since that time, he has paid back the Department of Education over $70,000.

2) Moore has been running various con games for many, many years. What other Ephs have as impressive a criminal record? (And, yes, because Moore was on the faculty at Williams, EphBlog will always consider him a member of the Williams community. Once an Eph, always an Eph.) Here is a summary of his credit card scamming.


It is not clear if he ever used a Williamstown address for these activities.

3) Moore only began working in Congress in 2005. He started his Ph.D. program at Howard in the fall of 2004, meaning that he had only been enrolled for 3.5 years when Williams offered him a position.

4) Moore was fraudulently obtaining student loans as late as 2008.

5) Moore is looking at three years in prison plus a fine between $6,000 and $60,000. Unresolved is the issue of what restitution, if any, Moore needs to pay.

What other highlights do readers see?

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