Three links of interest:

1) The scandal spreads?

The guilty plea this week by an aide to Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) – an aide who doesn’t appear in official records at times that he was working for Davis – may raise questions for the lawmaker since ethics rules prohibit maintaining slush funds and hiring unpaid staff except under strict circumstances.

Staffer Ernest B. Moore confessed to fraud charges for using multiple aliases to run up hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit card bills and student loans. On Capitol Hill, he went by the aliases Bernard Glenn-Moore and Bernard Moore. Moore came to the Hill in 2004, when he had a one-year senior policy fellowship with Davis’s office through the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (such official fellowships are permitted under ethics rules). In 2006, he transfered to Davis’s office as a legislative assistant and earned a salary for a few more months. After that, no official record ties him to Davis’s office, despite public evidence that Davis knew he was claiming to represent Davis as an aide.

The newspaper did not mention, however, that House ethics rules prohibit the use of “unofficial accounts”, or unofficial employees, to supplement the official office budgets. Exceptions are applied for interns and official fellows programs, which does not appear to apply to Moore after 2006.

Hmmm. I suspect that this is not enough to get Davis in trouble, but I would not expect to see him visiting Williams in the near future. Too bad! He seems like the very model of a modern, major Congressman.

2) A blast from the past.

Supreme Court Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, who underwent throat surgery late last year after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, has not returned to the bench since the court reconvened this month.

Others support Rehnquist and, despite his conservative views on affirmative action, say he should remain on the bench. “I don’t say that he’s too ill,” said Bernard Glenn Moore, a Ph.D. candidate. “He is conservative but he has managed the court in a very positive manner.”

Moore was a Rehnquist fan?! Who knew? I am going to have to take back all my bad blogging . . .

3) University Diaries comments:

A stunning situation at Williams College…

… is being very well-blogged by EphBlog, a site maintained by current and former students at Williams College.

On their political science faculty for some time has been a massive fraudster about to go to prison for a few years.

Thanks! I last linked to University Diaries three years ago.

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