To the Williams Community,

I am writing to say that the symposium with members of the Congressional Black Caucus scheduled for Monday evening has had to be postponed.

The private payment of travel and accommodation for House members and their staff to attend an event requires certification by the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. That group determined that the forms seeking certification for this event need to be re-filed to show that Bernard Moore is no longer involved with it. The deadline for such forms is typically 14 days before the event.

Since the symposium was meant to address important and timely issues, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and the College remain eager to hold a similar event on campus in the near future.

With regards,
Bill Wagner
Interim President

While I remain hopeful that we will have some sort of event, my guess that the postponement will be indefinite. However, I have been surprised before: for example, there was this visiting assistant professor in the Poli Sci department….

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