Comment by Professor Peter Just:

I think it might be useful to review the actual facts surrounding this whole business, at least as far as we know them right now.

1. The College hired Mr. Moore in a visiting capacity; he later pled guilty to a serious white-collar crime. Apparently someone forgot to run him through the Acme Cryptofelon Detector we keep in the basement of Hopkins Hall.

2. There is anecdotal evidence Mr. Moore was a poor classroom teacher.

3. Mr. Moore seems to have good contacts in Washington, evidenced in particular by his role in organizing a visit of the Black Congressional Caucus just after the election and a similar event that had to be cancelled on account of 1).

Taken all together, this strikes me as unfortunate, but hardly the Worst Thing that has happened to the College since the Defection of 1821. Perhaps Mr. Moore’s contributions to the College were more substantial outside the classroom than in it, but this isn’t the first time a visiting instructor hasn’t panned out, nor will it be the last.

Could we all take a deep breath and get a grip?

The Defection of 1821 was led by a “Mr. Moore” as well.

I do not know if Professor Bernard Moore and President Zephaniah Swift Moore are related.

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