I have removed this post at 8:30 PST. Sunday, 15 November.

I have acted on my own and without approval of the board. I take full responsibility for my actions. Too much is too much!

Dick Swart

I suggest EphBloggers read this article by Nicholas Kristof


Below is the immediate relevent correspondance:

From: dick@swart.org
Subject: Teach so much post …
Date: November 15, 2009 8:12:52 AM PST
To: derek, ronit, loweeel, esmith
Cc: kthomas
From: dick@swart.org
Subject: Please remove the teach post …

If Dave hasn’t taken this post down by 8:30 PST, I am going to.

This is too much and absolutely wrong.

Please know that as president I am taking this action without board approval and will so state in whatever I write.

I take full responsibility for this action.

Dick Swart

Date: November 15, 2009 7:39:25 AM PST
To: dave@kanecap.com
Subject: Teach you so much …

you can claim coercion, the EphBlog president’s ignorance and lack of understanding of the situation, the pc sensibilities of the lily-livered participants in EphBlog to be able to deal with reality, or any other thoughts that might occur to you. Rant at me!

This post is wrong and not in the spirit of the note I sent previously to get you off of race-baiting and on to the issues of vetting by the college.


Date: November 15, 2009 7:02:48 AM PST
To: dave@kanecap.com

I implore you to take this down.


From: dick@swart.org
Subject: Fwd: Moorish Invasion
Date: November 12, 2009 3:12:01 PM PST
To: dave@kanecap.com


The attachment below is what I hope we may avoid!

I don’t think you wanted to play the race card to the exclusion of all other circumstances. But I am afraid it might have been read that way.

In setting up the one-stop-shop for your every racial need, please be careful it doesn’t take on a life of its’ own to the exclusion of all the other Bozo circumstances.

I know that the race card will come up at some point in this discussion, but it would be better to have it in the environment of the vetting/mission/funding questions.
And aimed at the larger more college-related issues and needs of balance, rather than Mr Moore in particular.

Mr Moore is a pathetic little man who deserves to spend a long time in an orange jumpsuit for defrauding $800,000 from well-meaning souls. The color of his particular skin is not the issue with his crime or his intentions. He is a felon and a bad guy regardless of race,religion, or place of national origin. He is no more a hero for his second chance program than Roman Polanski is for Rosemary’s Baby.

There is something to be corrected within the system in this instance. Go find it!


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