To the Williams Community,

I am following up on my earlier message to you regarding Visiting Assistant Professor Bernard Moore to report that his employment at Williams is ended as of today.

His Winter Study course may proceed under the instruction of the adjuncts who were planning to teach it with him. We will inform the students enrolled in that course of its status as soon as possible. The course that he was to teach this spring has been canceled. As previously announced, arrangements have been made to complete the course that he was teaching this semester.

We have found no evidence of serious misuse on his part of College resources.

I would add that this recent turn of events has been particularly hard, quite understandably, on those students who had worked most closely with Professor Moore, and I hope that you will join me in extending them our support.

With regards,

Bill Wagner
Interim President

More information regarding Moore will be in this week’s Record. I will link to the article and add any additional thoughts of my own come Wednesday, but this news is mostly played out.

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