Who was the last Williams graduate to appear on Glenn Beck? Harry Jackson ’75

As best I can tell, Reverend Jackson is the most successful Eph involved in the ministry. (Would that be the correct term for Eps working as reverends, pastors, priests, rabbis, mullahs and so on? If Jackson is not the most successful, who is?)

My suggestions to invite Jackson as a speaker for Claiming Williams and to award him a Bicentennial Medal have not been — How to put this? — universally praised. I guess that some of my liberal Eph friends just see Jackson as too uppity in his opinions on gay marriage. (He is against it, just like President Obama.) Whatever else happens, we must be sure to keep prominent African-Americans with non-liberal views far away from the impressionable youth of Williams. Who knows what might happen!

[I am often accused of baiting but rarely (intentionally) guilty. However, in this case, mea castinga tasty worma.]

UPDATE: Most inflammatory section struck out. Jeff is correct that I should not be an ass.

UPDATE II: Thanks to Brother Lightness for his tip that Jackson has spoken at Williams. I can’t find a record of that talk, but I did find this.


If Jackson is an Eph and father of Ephs, then surely he would make a fine Bicentennial Medal winner.

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