For those interested in Moore:

I have very little to add to these articles, other then to say that Moore was reappointed to a three-year (nevermind, I’m probably wrong) visiting professorship, and that everything I’ve heard confirms that the horror stories about his teaching were unknown until after that reappointment.

In possession of a valid, limiting difference – By Muhammad Asad Liaqat
I opened the envelope, and in an instant the uneasiness in the air was replaced by dread and the visa stamp in my thoughts replaced by the “notice of application refusal” in my hands. Disappointment soon turned to anger as I realized that my application was refused because “I did not appear to be in possession of a valid visa letter.” It was the same visa letter, issued by Oxford, that had gotten the other 25 WEPO students their visas. Somewhere along the line, I had forgotten what was more important than the visa letter in my application: my nationality, my religion and my name.

Ephs tap into creativity with backyard brewery – By Lisa Li
For two students, Tim Marrs ’11 and T. Sam Jensen ’11, satisfaction of their beer craving does not require a drive down to the Spirit Shoppe; in fact, their beer dispensary is located within the confines of their dorm rooms.

These two adventurous Ephs began their beer-brewing quest last year when Marrs heard about the process from his cousins. “My cousins first told me about it, and I thought it was pretty cool so we decided to try it,” he said. “Our first attempt ended up being a sort of hard cider … It was really harsh and very alcoholic tasting. It definitely was not the best.”

Despite illness, swine students still have Hope – By Julian Hess
What daily activities transpired at this magnificent Zauberberg? Nothing like those in the eponymous Thomas Mann masterpiece. Intense political and philosophical discourse, love affairs and vast arrays of allegorical characters were nowhere to be found. Sedentariness abounded. If not languishing on couches or in bed, we spent our days sprawled about watching whatever graced the large television in the parlor, whose programming ran the gamut from the Ephs’ heartbreaking Homecoming loss to Matrix trilogy marathons. When such a highly visual medium did not suit us, we played cards or board games.

Dial x4444 for residential distrust – By Steve Luther and Jimi Morales
Currently, students are too prone to automatically call Security in response to noise and odor complaints, among others, without actually engaging with their sources. We believe that upon receipt of a phoned-in complaint, the policy of Campus Safety and Security should be to refer the situation to a Baxter Fellow or other student intermediary as a first step in resolving the residential dispute. In practice, the Security dispatcher, upon receiving a phoned-in complaint, would ask, “Have you confronted the source of your complaint?” Emphasis should be placed on students addressing the problems of dorm life through a reasonable chain of action.

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