From Vicarious ’83:

Readers will recall David’s post of 11/6/09 about the recent theft of a laptop computer containing social security numbers.

From David’s post on 11/11/09 we have the actual public document that describe how Moore stole the identity, and obtained the official college transcripts of someone referred to as “KM.” “KM” was “a former associate” of Moore’s. This was a real person, who graduated from the Univ. of Puget Sound with a BS in mathematics. Using KM’s name and social, Moore got an $8,000 student loan in the mid 1980s. That loan still has not been paid back.

In the Plea Agreement, to which David also provided the link, we see that on 9/30/09, Moore agreed to:

. . . truthfully and accurately complete any paperwork necessary to correct the credit history of Kamau Mposi, an individual whose identity he appropriated for the purpose of applying for and receiving federal student aid [and to] provide any documentation to the relevant credit and reporting agencies that he was in fact the individual who incurred the obilgations that he obtained under Mr. Mposi’s name.

We now know, thanks to David, that there was an individual on campus at the time of the laptop theft who was skilled in the art of identiy theft, and that this person had just agreed to do whatever is asked of him to help restore a previous victim’s credit rating.

If the KM of the Statement of Fact, is in fact Kamau Mposi, then this guy has spent the last 20+ years of his life with a very messed up credit report.

To those of you who have received notice that yours was among the stolen social security numbers, I would, as someone who has worked a number of years in the business of consumer credit, urge you to take the letter excerpted in David’s post very seriously, and consider taking real steps to safeguard your identity and credit rating.

To the college administration, I urge you to put significant energy and resources to a thorough investigation of the theft of this laptop and any other possible breaches of security that may have occurred now that it is known that a person with the skills to use this information was on campus occupying a position of significant trust. I would also urge you to vigorously pursue filling and prosecuting any criminal charges tht might pertain to Mr. Moore’s specific dealings with Williams College.

Lastly, I urge the editorial staff at The Record to put links to these two public documents in its reports – also a suggestion that David Kane has already made to you directly.

Indeed. At the very least, the Administration could provide more details on the theft so that we might all better judge whether or not Moore had anything to do with it. (For example, if the theft occurred in some other city — perhaps as a college employee was attending a conference — then there would be less to worry about.)

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