Who was the first person to be suspicious of former Professor Bernard Moore and his magical mystery money tour? Me.

from David Kane
to Bernard.Moore@williams.edu
date Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 1:42 PM
subject question on CBC event
mailed-by kanecap.com


I am an alum who writes about Williams at www.ephblog.com. Kudos to you for arranging the recent CBC event. I was talking with a Williams official who provided two estimates that I wanted to cross-check with you.

Cost: $50,000 — that was a guess on his part and seemed high to me. He thought that I underestimated travel expenses. Student attendance: 400 to 500 (with many more turned away once Chapin and Brooks Rogers were filled). — he got that by figuring that around half the capacity (900-1000) was taken up by students.

Do those estimates seem reasonable to you?


Dave Kane ’88

Moore never responded. And, alas, I never followed up. I should have been more suspicious. Lesson learned.

How much did Williams spend on last year’s Congressional Black Caucus event? Are you confident that none of it ended up in Moore’s pocket? Why? Anyone who was clever enough to steal more than $800,000 from a dozen sophisticated financial institutions would be smart enough to figure out a way around the Williams accounting system . . .

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