Biggest debate going on behind the scenes at Williams now? Should faculty salaries be frozen a second year.

1) There is a story here, if the Record wants to find it. (Or maybe I am just having conversations with imaginary sources? Could be!)

2) The Record reported:

The College is currently looking into ways to accomplish the reduction in spending. “Our approach has been, and continues to be, to reduce expenditures in a controlled fashion such that we minimize the impact on the quality of the education we offer our students, while both ensuring that a Williams education remains affordable to every student we admit and protecting our current employees,” Lenhart said.

At last week’s faculty meeting, Lenhart broached several options for bridging the spending gap, including reevaluations of faculty compensation, faculty benefits, the College’s commitments to loan-free financial aid packages, need-blind aid for internationals and spending on sustainability and the Williamstown community.

This is in conjunction with the Trustees decision to spend $73 million from the endowment next year as opposed to the $70 that had been planned 6 months ago. So, there is some more money available than folks had expected.

3) The faculty want their raises and, perhaps more importantly, they want an important say in budget issues that affect them directly. If the Record poked around a bit, it could find some faculty who were quite upset about this. Start poking!

4) I think that Williams needs to spend much less money. Cutting high salaries (most of which go to faculty) is a good place to start. At minimum, we need another year of salary freezes, at least for faculty making more than $100,000.

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