I am afraid that long-time correspondent Dick Quinn, Director of Sports Information, is still upset with me for noting the absurdity of Williams claiming that John McGill ’78 is a Nobel Prize Winner. Alas, McGill is still listed that way ,and it is still absurd.

But perhaps I can make it up to Dick by noting that the Rhodes Foundation has a cool new (interface) for finding winners by school. Williams has 34 winners, but the athletics page only seems to know about 18 of them. (I suspect that some of the difference may represent Ephs who won but never played a sport for Williams. Perhaps Marissa Doran ’05 falls in the category. But most were probably just unknown to current Williams folks when they made this listing.) Unfortunately, I could not figure out a way to determine the name, for example, of the Rhodes winner from the Williams class of 1910. Can anyone? Wikipedia, surprisingly, fails me on this topic.

Previous Rhodes rant here. Williams has claimed in the past to have won more Rhodes than any other liberal arts college. Do we still claim that? I can’t find a link. Seems (pdf) to be true, with Reed in second with 31.

By the way, I do not think that Williams has won a Rhodes since Peter Grudin’s forced (?) departure from fellowship advising. Coincidence? This year’s winners will be announced tonight. Did any Ephs make the finals?

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