UPDATE II: Williams wins on PKs! Ignore all my PK complaints below . . .

UPDATE: Game is going to penalty kicks after 1-1 tie. Williams dominated play, outshooting their opponent 25-5

Go here for video on mens soccer in the NCAA eliite 8 game starting at 1:00 at York.

Penalty kicks are a stupid way to end a soccer game. Mens soccer coach Mike Russo agrees.

Yet in the end, the result was the same as York’s quest for the school’s first national team championship fell short and the Ephs moved on to the Elite Eight after a 1-1 game was decided by a marathon, 7-6
York College goalkeeper Ryan Hock reaches over the head of teammate Adam Good and Williams College’s Connor Smith (2) to punch away a corner kick during Saturday’s NCAA Division III tournament match at Graham Field. (Daily Record / Sunday News — Jason Plotkin)
penalty kick battle.

It marked the fourth time in five seasons coach Mark Ludwig’s squad had been eliminated from the NCAA tournament in PKs. The game is considered a tie, making the Spartans’ record 17-1-5, but it sure felt like a loss.

“It is what it is. It’s the rule of the game,” Ludwig said.

Despite being on the winning end, Ephs coach Mike Russo isn’t a fan of penalties.

“I’ve been at this a long time and been on both sides. It’s a terrible way to end a game, especially such a great game,” he said. “I feel bad for York. They have a fantastic team. The best team we have played all year.”

I have a simple solution. First, overtimes should include the golden goal rule. If a team scores, the game is over. Second, the first overtime should feature no offsides. This would dramatically open up the field and increase the chance of a goal. Third, in the second overtime, remove two players from each side every five or ten minutes. So, first you would play 9-on-9, then 7-on-7 and, finally 5-on-5. With no offsides and 5 versus 5, you are guaranteed (?) to have a goal eventually.

Is no offsides or 7-on-7 real soccer? No! But it is a much better way to end a soccer game than penalty kicks.

Watching the video of the game (with no sound)? Tell us what is going on in the comments to this post. (If anyone is at the game and wants to Twitter updates, let us know.

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