If I were a trustee, I would wonder about spending like this.

Sign-up starting Monday at 8:30AM for the second workshop in a series titled The Working World, brought to you by the Office of Campus Life. The workshop will be, of course, over dinner on December 4th from 5-7:30PM with peers, faculty, and an outside consultant who will guide you through everything from greeting to eating. Spots are limited to 40 students, so it’s first come-first served. To sign-up, stop by the Office of Campus Life and see Tim or Schuyler. Students will also randomly have the opportunity to invite a faculty member of their choice, so sign-up early!


1) Rule #1 in cutting spending: Fire all the consultants! Does Williams have budget problems or not? There is nothing wrong with having an event like this. Indeed, any dinner which brings together students and faculty is a good thing. But there is no need to hire an outside consultant. John Noble, and many other Williams folks, knows more than enough about “The Working World” to run this event.

2) We discussed a similar business etiquette boon-doggle last year. The resulting thread is a wonderful example of Kaneian snark. I mention at least three fancy prep schools. Highly recommended!

3) Did anyone attend last year’s event? Will anyone be going to this one? Tell us how things go. Advice: Sign up and invite a faculty member who you would like to get to know better.

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