Congrats to Aroop Mukharji ’09 for winning a Marshall Scholarship.  Aroop, who was Class Speaker for the Class of 2009, is one of only two winners from liberal arts schools.  Aroop will, I imagine, soon be matriculating at Yale Law, as is apparently mandatory for Eph Marshall recipients (see below).

Other Ephs to win Marshall Scholarships during the past decade (and this list is not necessarily comprehensive, although I believe it to be) include Rachel Shalev ’07, Scott Grinsell ’04, Adam Grogg ’04, who along with Grinsell is currently enrolled at Yale Law and involved with Orphans Against Aids, and Jon Michaels ’98, who went on to clerk for the Supreme Court (after, where else, Yale Law) and is currently an acting professor at UCLA Law.

I am fairly certain that no other liberal arts school has featured as many Marshall winners during the same time period, although Wheaton (MA) has at least three.

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