To the Williams Community,

As some of you know, a group of students, led by the Queer Student Union and Women’s Center, have responded to the incident of graffiti last weekend in Dennett House, which was described in Monday’s all-campus e-mail. This kind of intolerant and hurtful behavior is unacceptable in our community. It harms not only those against whom it was directed, but all of us.

The student group is communicating about their response at this site: .

During their time in Hardy House today, College operations there proceeded as usual.

We, along with a few other faculty and administrators, met this evening with representatives of the group.

We support their efforts to end at Williams all behaviors aimed at intimidating or targeting people because of their gender, sexual identity, or gender expression and to build a community that welcomes and supports all.

We began this evening to work on how to advance their thoughtful and constructive ideas. It feels to us like a strong beginning.

With regards,
Bill Wagner
Interim President


Karen Merrill
Dean of the College

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