A brilliant WSO post:

I’ve been sipping on this delicious Haterade, but the problem is I’m hating on everything and everyone–I LOVE it. As a matter of fact, I’m stopping by Spring Street later to pick up another bottle. I’m addicted.

It’s time to start another topic on the state of campus.
It’s time to be introverted losers.
It’s time to make specious arguments and use $100 words.
It’s time to be passive-aggressive, narcissistic, and pretentious.
It’s time to be Williams Students.
It’s time to have Phun.

Please try and act like this has something to do with political correctness or consciousness on Campus.
Please try and act like you’re relevant.
Please try and act like you have a life.
Please try and act like I care about what you say.
Please try and act like I’m wrong.
Please try and act like you’re real because you’re liberal.

Please try and act but learn how to act first, since that’s all you do here.

It’s time to be real. Please try and like you’re chill.

Game recognizes Game, and Williams is looking unfamiliar. It must be because I’m new here.

The genius here lies in the multiple meanings. You read it as you want to read it.

EphBlog recognizes EphBlog.

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