Here (cover pages, main part) is former professor Bernard Moore’s complaint against Williams. (For those of you following along with PACER, the case number is 3:09-cv-30208-MAP Moore v. Williams College.) See Meghan Foley’s article for highlights. My favorite parts:


1) Moore was fired on November 12, just one day after I called for Williams to fire him. And people say that the Williams Administration does not listen to me!

2) After his initial year as a visiting lecturer, Moore was appointed as an Assistant Professor with a three year contract. Is that true? As best I can tell, this is the first that anyone has mentioned three years. My (incorrect?) understanding had been that Moore’s position as W. Ford Schumann Visiting Assistant Professor was a one year deal. (Recall this Record article: “eventually appointed as the W. Ford Schumann ’50 Professor in Democratic Studies for the following year”.) If the College really gave him a three year contract, even after it knew that his teaching was suspect and his research non-existent, then we really need to get to the bottom of who made that horrible decision and why they made it. We don’t need to punish those people, but we do need to hold them to account.

3) The document is riddled with grammatical errors. Did Moore prepare it himself? If so, I look forward to reading his dissertation. I do not trust Moore to tell the truth in this document.

4) I doubt this is true:


The College may have only asked Moore for his graduate transcripts but it also asked him where he got his BA. The Registrar did not just invent (pdf) his (claimed) BA from UCLA as listed in the course catalog. Moore must have given Williams that information. Time to check those e-mail archives . . .

More excerpts and questions below:


5) Love these details. The Record ought to follow up. The original Washington Post story is dated Tuesday, November 10, 2009; 5:49 PM. Was that when it first appeared on the web or when it was last edited. A smart guy like James Kolesar probably has a Google News alert that sends him an e-mail whenever Williams appears in the news. (I have my Alert set for a once-a-day digest.) Was it really only 3 hours later that the Dean of the Faculty was calling Moore. Impressive!

I think that there is some confusion about timing as described by Moore. I think that the College suspended him without pay (contrary to my conjecture) and then, after a few days, fired him.


Sure would be fun to have a copy of that letter. See the rest of Moore’s complaint for more details.


a) If you see anything interesting, please add a comment to this thread.

b) If you are an Eph lawyer, please give us your assessment of Moore’s case, the relevant precedents and so on.

c) Is there any way to automatically know when more documents have been filed in this case? I have a PACER account, but I don’t want to log in and check it each day.

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