Find “Surround” here, along with a new website. Play button is in the top left, along with a link to download for free. The band previously released an EP over two years ago, still available on iTunes.

From the comments: (slightly edited for vertical space)
For anyone who is not familiar with Darlingside, they began performing a lot in the 2006-2007 academic year as a band of 7 Williams kids.

After half of them graduated and one went abroad, they took a year hiatus and then reformed last year as a group of 5, adding one new member to their ranks:

Sam Kapala ‘09, Don Mitchell ‘06, Auyon Mukharji ‘07, Harris Paseltiner ‘09, David Senft ‘07

Former members include:
(Dan Wollin ‘07), (Shea Chen ‘07), (Eli Walker)

They were hot stuff–”the” campus band back in the day–and they continue to be hot stuff. They all live together about an hour from Wutown. They are mad good, and let’s hope they make it!

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