The voting widget, which was removed when we started to have some site instability issues, was recently brought back to EphBlog after quite a few reader demands, because many of our readers felt that it provided valuable feedback. However, soon after we launched it, we started to see some pretty suspicious voting patterns, especially on posts written by David Kane. I was stumped for an explanation, until one commenter explained that it was possible to overvote if you clicked on the up/down arrows really really really fast before the widget had a chance to refresh. David and I were unable to replicate this trick, but some other people confirmed that it was possible – if you had very fast fingers and, I guess, a slow internet connection. Now that the trick is out there, the integrity of the voting implement is compromised, and its value is no longer apparent.

So, the voting widget is gone until further notice (read: until we find a way to do it that is not so easily hacked).

So thanks a lot, random bitter anonymous coward internet person! Your obsessive behavior means that EphBlog readers lose a well-liked way to provide both positive and negative feedback. I hope you’re proud about yourself.

And to all other readers except the jerk who ruined it for everyone else: if you want to provide positive feedback about a post, please please please comment on it. And thank you for your patience with us as we continue to sort out our tech problems.

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