A good idea?

QSU & Women’s Center would like to collect 3 stories of homophobic and 3 stories of sexist incidents that have occurred on campus to be published anonymously in the Williams Record. Ideally these stories would be small paragraphs and would reiterate that our current initiative is not in response to just one homophobic incident. We’ve received over 30 personal stories from alumni, but we’d like to publish stories from current students.

ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE TREATED AS ANONYMOUS and NOT connected to the e-mail address that made the submission. If submission is via Paresky Box #2206, PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY IDENTIFICATION.

1) I was sorely tempted to submit a “story” from an anonymous gmail account. I didn’t. Did anybody?

2) Never too late for a Williams Star Chamber.

What if Williams organized a star chamber and no one showed up? Williams Speaks Up is a “Web site on which campus members can report and share incidents of unwanted, abusive, or harassing behavior.” (See background here.) Turns out that only one brief comment has been submitted after several weeks of advertising. Possible conclusions:

1) The WASP patriarchy of Williams is so powerful that the oppressed fear even recording their complaints.

2) There are very few actual bias incidents at Williams.

3) There is abusive behavior, but victims are too lazy to report it or too cynical to think that any good will come from their reports.

I choose door #2.

I choose door number #2 again. There are so few homophobic/sexist incidents on campus that the collective members of the QSU/Women’s Center can’t even come up with three stories to publish in the Record without soliciting anonymous complaints.

3) Conclusion: “[O]ur current initiative is not in response to just one homophobic incident” although we would like to pretend otherwise.

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