From Alan Arias ’10:

This is the first issue of Discuss Magazine, a new publication dedicated to engaging issues relevant to the Williams community on and off campus. If you have any feedback, story ideas, or would like to contribute, the editorial staff appreciates your messages at Enjoy!

Great stuff! Magazine is available for download here. Comments:

1) Highly recommended, and not just because so many of my favorite Ephs (e.g., Alan Arias, Will Slack, Peter Murphy, David Zimmerman, Sylvia Kenneck Brown, Linda Hall) are involved.

2) It might be interesting to use this issue (along with the Presidential Search Prospectus) in this year’s Winter Study Seminar. (Here is a link to last year’s CGCL for new readers.) Thoughts?

3) I like Arias’ letter from the editor.

When I was accepted to Williams nearly four years ago and told a friend, she remarked candidly that it was impossible, because “Williams doesn’t exist.” Plausible argument. Think about it: 2000 students, sheltered in the mystical Berkshire mountains, secretly being trained by the Professorial equivalent of a Jedi Order into an elite strike force prepared to take over the world. And all while managing to party hard on a Saturday night with the entry, or the house, or the common room suite.

Or not. For every person who thinks of Williams as the best thing since whole wheat, seven grain sliced organic bread there is someone else, who finds the Saturday night rager less than appealing, or wishes they could find the people from the brochure, or that the next stumbler at snack bar would get it together and just order a bagel supreme. Maybe.

Or maybe I’m just projecting. or vocalizing an unpopular opinion, or maybe there are always multiple sides to a story. And what if there have always been multiple sides to a story. And perhaps time has passed, emphasizing the good and obscuring the bad. Maybe, it’s worth looking back to see where we’ve come from, and what we might have missed, and what
we might gain. Ergo, history. Discuss.

Indeed. EphBlog feels exactly the same.

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