(Received this am by bicycle messenger on a Schwinn Varsity)


I am called to examine documents in the possession of the government of Hawaii related to certain land claims made by old family connections in the former pineapple trade now turned to real estate development.

While I find their aims distasteful, nonetheless I am tied by family bonds and must respond to their requests.

The claims will turn on the validity of certain documents issued by the Queen Lili’uokalani government, overthrown in 1893. My expertise in paper and stamps will be used to prove the validity of the claims. I am afraid more high-rises will follow.

You will serve as my secretary during this period of examination and testimony. Two caveats:

1. I know you will pack those very questionable patchwork madras shorts you purchased when we were on our Cuban adventure. Under no circumstances are they to appear within one hundred (100) yards of any place of legal proceedings.

2. Please arrange that no beverages containing tiny umbrellas are served to me.

Your travel arrangements have been made and are attached.

You will meet me at 3 pm Thursday at the old Palace where the documents have been languishing for many years undisturbed as obscure historical documents, but now rise to a place of importance.

Say ‘aloha’ to that group of cyber typists whom you regard as ‘colleagues’. You will be returned by Christmas.

Rechtal Turgidley Jr
Quark Island, Maine.


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