I’m indefinitely suspending my participation in Ephblog. No more Best of the Records, no more letters, and no more reflections, effective now.

I also suspended posting activity last year, from November ’08 through January ’09 after a particularly riling piece posted here, though I never announced it.

David’s mocking “conclusions” below, reached through assumption, are the proverbial straw that has broken this camel’s back. While I appreciate Dave’s long thought and work that has enabled my own reflection on Williams, the fact remains that by posting on this blog, I add my own legitimacy to “Kaneblog,” as said by Professor Sam Crane, and I can’t do that anymore for two reasons. First, association with Ephblog personally makes my life more difficult on campus, as I have to consistently disassociate myself from other content here, especially in the many conversations I have about school policy in a variety of groups. I’m tired of people worrying that I’m on-the-record for Ephblog during a regular conversation. Second, I don’t know of a stronger way to convey the harm that such posts do beyond this action. They are anything but constructive, and instead of fostering the discussion that I value so much, they undermine it.

I know that Ephblog does many useful things. It informs alums of on-campus/off-campus news, it posts links to Williams related articles, and it provides a forum for reflection and discussion between alumni and current students. I have literally tried for months to get the Record to add a blog that could do the above, but the paper is well-attached to tried-and-true methods of journalism that preclude such a medium. That’s understandable.

I stayed largely because I believe the ~1,500 of you that read this everyday from Williamstown, Oklahoma, California, Washington, Texas, Minnesota and more should have good content, which I believed I helped to provide, but I can’t justify that any longer. I apologize for leaving so abruptly, but I’m sure about my choice. If I choose to start another blog, which is likely, I’ll let one of the other posters know about it in case that’s of interest.

I may visit occasionally to chime in, but don’t expect to see too much of me. Thanks for reading and commenting for more than two years, and a happy holiday season to you all.

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