In this holiday season, it never hurts to send a little love to your fellow Ephs, either by giving them gifts or buying gifts from them!  Below are a couple of links showcasing the brilliance of our Eph family.  Please others add additional links in the comments if you know of other Eph ventures that are handy gifts.

Happy winter-holiday-of-choice to my greater Eph family :)

From Ephs Matthew Swanson & Robbi Behr, both ’97 I believe, check out the new Barnstorming site.  Books, prints, and other hilarious gifts are perfect for any member of the family.  Previous coverage here, here, and here (among others).  They have a hilarious blog, including cute pics of their daughter and the progress of restoring/renovating the barn of “Barnstorming.”

Blue Dot design, founded in 1997 by college friends John Christakos, Charles Lazor, and Maurice Blanks, all ’87.  They make stylish furniture, with the idea of bringing quality design to a broader audience.  Recent New York Times coverage here, and previous Ephblog coverage here.

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