Petya Miteva asks:

I was wondering, is there anyone around who’s been on the JA selection committee and can share something about how it was?

Hm… personal experience. Rather than what they publicize…

Good question. I wish that the JASC, and other Williams organizations, would do a better job of collecting and maintaining this sort of material. I did a bit of this, back when alumni could still contribute to Willipedia. And we have some discussion in our archives, although the primary focus is on policies associated with JASC and not the experiences of students on it.

JG is probably EphBlog’s resident JASC expert. Perhaps she could comment.

My understanding is that most students find participating on JASC to be incredibly time consuming and intense. It can also be very educational (about the politics of small groups and coalition formation) as well as extremely frustrating. My sense is that most students who serve are glad that they did so. I recommend that Miteva apply.

Indeed, serving on JASC is one of the most unique experiences available at Williams. Very few other colleges entrust their students with so much responsibility. If you find the idea intriguing, you should apply as well.

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