One of the many EphBlog projects that I never took seriously enough was my idea to post holiday cards from Ephs far and wide.

One of the (many) crazy ideas that I have for this blog is as a collection of Eph holiday cards. There are a handful of people that I should send cards to but that, for all sorts of reasons, I never get around to doing so. So, to all of them, especially former roommates, I say Merry Christmas.

But I like to think that there are other Ephs in similar situations. I am here to help. Send me your holiday cards and I will post them here for the larger Eph community. The more holiday cheer, the better.

David Kane
Eph Holiday Card Project
30 Washington Street
Newton, MA 02458

Electronic submissions are also accepted.

That was 6 (!) years ago, but I still love this idea. I tried again in 2005. Fellow Eph Blogger Kim Daboo ’88 gave it a shot two years ago. Anyway, here is the card from David H.T. Kane ’58.


Happy holidays to the community of Ephs!

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