Via the Daily Messages (thanks to “aparent” for the link):

In Their Own Words: Williams student experiences with class, race/ethnicity, treatment of women, and entry/JA system Place: Griffin Hall, Room 3 Time: 1:10 – 3:10 (film plus discussion) Dates: Monday, Dec. 14 Thursday, Jan. 7 Wednesday, Jan. 13 Gain a rare glimpse into the perspectives and experiences of our students through this film produced by Dr. Christina Cruz and the Williams Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Diversity (2009). Clips from focus groups and interviews reveal four areas of concern: socioeconomic class, race/ethnicity, treatment of women, and the first-year entry/Junior Advisor system. Our aim is to inform a wide range of Williams faculty, staff, and students about the realities of current and recent student experiences. All members of the Williams community interested in this educational opportunity are welcome, so please invite a friend or colleague.

A Claiming Williams event

Great stuff. Has anyone seen this? Tell us about it. I can understand why the College might not make this available on the web for anyone to see, but it could still make the video available to alumni and parents with a login required. Williams did the same with the Diversity Initiatives materials a few years ago.

UPDATE: I e-mailed Professor Raymond with this suggestion.

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