Recall our discussion of former professor Bernard Moore’s dissertation. I requested it via interlibrary loan last month. Here is the message I got back.

Dear David Kane,

A request you have placed:

Title: America’s race to incarcerate: Locking up communities of color
Author: Moore, Bernard

has been cancelled by the Interlibrary Loan/Scan & Deliver staff for the following reason:
Unable to Borrow Dissertation.

As you may be able to see on proquest, the author has requested that this item not be purchasable nor lent out. Additionally, the only library owning it will not circulate.

The are justifiable reasons for restricting the distribution of a dissertation, at least for a few years. I doubt that those ever applied in Moore’s case. Do you think Moore’s work contains any fraud or plagiarism? I bet that it does. On whether or not such a restriction is unusual:

We’ve confirmed the reason for Howard University’s cancellation of this request. They seem to have a general policy against making their dissertations available as they are housed in Archival Special Collections and no additional copies are made for circulation purposes. It’s not an unusual policy, as certain but not all Harvard units have a similar one. I’ve also confirmed that the dissertation is not available in any format from Proquest at the request of the author.

It seems direct access on site at Howard’s Library Archives is the only way of viewing this item.

Anyone want to take a look? Moore’s dissertation is probably as incoherent and ungrammatical as his abstract and court filings.

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