Powerpoint Karaoke is an event where brave people volunteer to present a random deck of Powerpoint slides they’ve never seen before. The slide decks used in Powerpoint Karaoke are often real presentations pulled at random from the web. The event tests the presenter’s confidence, quick thinking, and public speaking skills; the audience often joins in to heckle or offer suggestions, creating a piece of impromptu performance art around what probably started life started as a banal corporate presentation.

First conceived a few years ago by  a group of German artists, Powerpoint Karaoke has caught on at tech conferences. Public humiliation has its prize: the winner of the Powerpoint Karaoke 2009 tournament will be announced at CES, which is kind of a big deal.

Brandi Brown ’07 is a quarterfinalist for her PPT Karaoke performance:

You can watch other performances in the running as well as vote for Brandi here: Powerpoint Karaoke 2009 brackets. You can vote once per day per bracket, and the final winners will be announced Dec. 31. The losing quarterfinalists will be eliminated Tuesday at noon, so vote early and vote often!

Also, this from the Globe:

Of all the loathed tools of office oppression, PowerPoint is probably Public Enemy No. 1. Its critics liken it to a Procrustean bed for ideas, one that dilutes real passion and innovation into an endless stream of bullet points. Anyone who doubts that PowerPoint can suck the life out of even the most inspiring talk can check out the hilariously banal PowerPoint version of the Gettysburg Address (norvig.com/Gettysburg/index.htm).

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