Did you read the links that Jeff provided last month about Ernie Wolfe ‘72? If not, you missed out! From the 2002 New York Times:

As one of his guests, the music producer Don Was, says, ”To me, he embodies the resistance to the feminization of men. Over 10,000 years of tradition, and there’s one guy left you can say, ‘I know this guy that hunts his food and eats it.’ He’s a real man. He puts his body chemistry to its natural use. If everyone put their testosterone to use that way, there’d be no shrinks. He’s what ‘Fight Club’ was about.”

The best most men in Hollywood can do is play roles like Ernie Wolfe and then go to the Ivy and fight for the best table. There aren’t many places in the middle of a city the size of Los Angeles where you can eat dinner in the same room as the scuba tanks of the guy who caught the main course.

Indeed. Wolfe seems like quite the character. The College ought to invite him to give a talk.

It is not clear how he finances this lifestyle. Perhaps there is more money in selling African Art to rich people in LA than I would have imagined. Best part:

He met [his wife] Diane for the first time when she was in third grade and he was in seventh. ”He was friends with my big brother, and he wouldn’t talk to me,” she says. ”Not until I was 24. It took a long time.” She had returned from a trip through Nepal, Sri Lanka and India, and a friend said, ”Ernie Wolfe likes adventure, too.” They have been together ever since. Ernie’s first dinner party was when he was at Williams College. His roommate’s mother went to the dean to have him kicked out of school when she heard that he had used dorm curtain rods to roast rabbit that he had caught.

Do we have any readers from the class of ’72 who know the whole story?

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