Anyone heard rumors about who got tenure this year and who did not?

Background: Corrections welcome, but my understanding is that the standard timing is that new professors at Williams have an initial three year contract followed, if they are re-appointmented, by a 4 year contract. In the 3rd year of that, they are eligible for tenure. If they don’t get it, they spend the last year still at Williams (making those department meetings somewhat awkward) while they look for another job.

Decisions are made during the fall of that 3rd year (so their 6th at Williams). Professors are told the results in December, so the news is out there. But the results are not official (or made public by the College) until the Trustees approve them during their January meeting. (I have never heard of a case where the Trustees did not approve a decision made by the Administration.) The College makes public those that it has approved in a nice press release. Depending on the year, the College may also let the Record know who was denied. (See here and here for debate over this issue in past years.)

First, we need to figure out the list of faculty who might, conceivably be up for tenure this year. A good starting point is here:


Andrea Barrett, English
Derek Dean, Biology
Erina Duganne, Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in
History of Photography
Ali Garbarini, History
Robert Gazzale, Economics
Sarah Goh, Chemistry
Ruth Groff, Political Science
Bernhard Klingenberg, Statistics
Andrew Lieberman, Theatre
Brian Martin, French
Brenna Munro, Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in
Anglophone African Literature
Chris Nugent, Chinese
Michael Rolleigh, Economics
Merida Rua, Latino/a Studies and American Studies
Greg Stanczak, Sociology
Christian Thorne, English
Tara Watson, Economics

Some of these folks were never on the tenure track to begin with. Some have left Williams, either of their own volition or because they were not re-appointed. But, cross-referencing the course catalog, I think that the following were up for tenure this fall.

[1] “Alexandra Garbarini, Assistant Professor of History ”
[1] “Robert Gazzale, Assistant Professor of Economics ”
[2] “Sarah Goh, Assistant Professor of Chemistry ”
[1] “Bernhard Klingenberg, Assistant Professor of Statistics ”
[1] “Brian Martin, Assistant Professor of French Literature and French Language ”
[1] “Christopher M. B. Nugent, Assistant Professor of Chinese ”
[1] “Michael Rolleigh, Assistant Professor of Economics ”
[1] “Christian Thorne, Assistant Professor of English ”
[1] “Tara Watson, Assistant Professor of Economics ”

[Ignore the numbers in brackets. R code available on request. You need this raw data (txt) to start with.]

Are we missing anyone? Perhaps. Some people either accelerate or slow down the tenure clock, so there may be professors who are up for tenure but who are not on this list. However, I bet everyone on this list was up for tenure.

Second, we need to figure out who got tenure and who did not. I am not qualified to judge the academic work of most of these folks, but I would be very surprised if Gazzale, Watson or Klingenberg were denied tenure. (Watson, in particular, seems certain.)

Garbarini is class of 1994 and we always root for alumni up for tenure. One book published by Yale is probably enough . . .

What have you heard?

UPDATE: This post has been edited slightly.

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