The year is almost over. Why no news about this?

Going somewhat the other way, rumor has it that Katie Couric, 52, may wed her 35-year-old smoochums Brooks Perlin this year. If she starts to nod off during the CBS Nightly News, it could be a clue. . . .

Related story from last January.

Katie Couric and her younger beau, Brooks Perlin, are still going strong. The two were seen dining on matzoh ball soup and salads at Junior’s Restaurant in Times Square last week.

Apologies for falling behind on our Couric-Perlin blogging. Couric was the Commencement Speaker in 2007 and I have a crazy theory that it was the Williams connection that brought the two together. And no one loves an Eph marriage more than EphBlog!

Gawker complains:

Katie Couric isn’t Jewish. Neither is her young lover Brooks Perlin. So why were they eating matzoh ball soup at Junior’s? That’s our soup, lady! Back off.

Gawker should back off. Couric is Jewish, just like every other white Commencement Speaker (except for Morris Dees) during the Morty era. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

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