Frank Uible ’57 writes:

In a major, unwarranted intrusion into privacy, today MNBC on its Morning Joe nationwide TV show gratuitously disclosed a certain annual salary number which it specifically attributable to Mike Whalen. Cute! I’m boycotting the show. You morons, rein in your base instincts and refrain from posting a clip of that disclosure or otherwise mentioning the number.

1) Video, please!

2) For those that don’t know, Mike Whalen is the football coach at Williams. My guess would be that this came up in conversation in the context of the huge salaries that Division I football coaches get. Whalen is, in comparison, paid very little.

3) In fact, as best I can tell, no member of the athletic faculty has ever had his salary made public. (I have never seen a coach salary listed in, for example, the Form 990 filings.) The puzzle then is: Who told Morning Joe Mike Whalen’s salary. There are very few people at Williams who know that number.

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