I think that our January seminar is going so well that, for the first time in several years, I am requesting that the College provide a link to it. Below is my e-mail to Jim Kolesar, director of public affairs. What do you think he should do? What do you think he will do? What suggestions would you have for me in terms of making this e-mail more persuasive?


Hope all is well. As you know, we have run a Winter Study seminar every January for the last 6 years with extensive participation from students, faculty, and alumni. Here is a link to this year’s syllabus:


So far, the discussions have been excellent — adjusting for the quality on Internet discussions in general, of course! Here is the first day:


Would you mind providing a link to our seminar somewhere on the Williams web site? I think that the best place would be right on the main page. You could certainly use some new content there! ;-) If that is too public, then how about the main page for alumni? Or, if that is too much, how about including a link in the January Eph Notes e-mail?

I realize that the relationship between EphBlog and Williams has, in the past, been somewhat contentious. But, one of the best ways of moving beyond that stage is to focus on areas of common interest and agreement. Williams should be hugely in favor of anything which brings together alumni, faculty and students in intellectual conversations. As best I can tell, our January seminars are among the most successful examples of such an activity. (Another great example is the Roads Scholars program.)

I have cc’d both interim President Wagner and incoming President Falk on this e-mail because both have, I think, expressed an interest in programs which draw together the Williams community in shared conversation. Our seminars do that.

Thanks for your time,

Dave Kane ’88

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