According to Rasmussen Reports.

via David Weigel, who notes:

All of that comes after Coakley, roused from what Democrats admit was a fairly lazy campaign, launched new TV ads.

The really surprising thing about this poll? While Brown has made his campaign explicitly about the chance Massachusetts voters have to block the health care bill, Rasmussen finds a solid majority of voters in support of the bill. According to the internals, 52 percent of voters back “the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and the congressional Democrats” to only 46 percent who oppose it. A plurality, 41 percent, of voters say the stimulus package has helped the economy–only 23 percent say it’s hurt. Coakley’s bumbling campaign can’t close the deal with an electorate that agrees with her on the issues.

Also, thanks to Cameron Henry ’09 for pointing us to this article:

GOP candidate in Mass. Senate race says he raised $1.3M in 24 hours

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