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Cyber Groundhog

So, I read that Punxsutawney Phil will now be texting his verdict on winter (next year, I’m sure, he’ll add Twitter).  There is no obvious Eph connection to this story.  But, considering that (a) I am sick of the Williamstown-like conditions here in usually temperate D.C., (b) I badly want to see a Swart texting-groundhog creation,(c) groundhogs are way cute and (d) Groundhog Day is one of my all-time favorite movies, I decided to go on the hunt.  Fortunately, Google (the word of the aughts, as I learned in pub trivia last night) is my friend.  Apparently, Professor Steven Swoap, who must be awesome, has conducted research pertinent to groundhog hibernation.  And hence, news of Phil’s nascent texting is now Ephblog-worthy.  Hooray.

Oh, and Professor Swoap, if you’re reading, if your research can ever enable me to hibernate from the end of football season until the start of the NCAA tournament (and by that I mean actual hibernation, not the mental hibernation I traditionally embrace), I will double my donation to Williams.  Thanks!