An interesting conversation:

For this week’s general meeting at 9pm in Hardy House on Thursday, January 14th, the QSU will be discussing ways in which Queer Bash can be changed for the better. We understand that many people at Williams have complaints and criticisms about various aspects of the party, and we’ve decided to come up with concrete plans for how these criticisms can be addressed. At this forum, we will be rethinking pretty much everything about Queer Bash, and we invite and encourage any interested students, staff, and faculty to attend this forum. Hopefully, we can move forward with a clear idea of what the party should look like in future semesters. If you want to be a part of this process, please come to Hardy House at 9pm on January 14th. Thank you!

I suspect that few heterosexual Williams men will show up for this meeting, but, if they did, they would probably vote against any changes which resulted in less slutty dressing by the female Eph attendees at Queer Bash.

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