David asked me to post on EphBlog the advice that I sent to Torrey, for the benefit of others in the future. Here are my suggestions for anyone desiring to post many photos over time on EphBlog.

1. Take lots of pictures all at once. It can be very time-consuming to take a nice picture and then upload it to your computer, then the next day take another picture and then upload that one… It takes only a little longer to do 40 than it does to do two! I went out one day (a cloudy day, unfortunately) and took lots of pictures, which populated Photo IDs for many months to come.

2. Write all of your posts at once, and then set them to appear periodically in the future (to do this, change “Publish immediately” to your desired date in the future). If you have a batch of pictures to put on the site, sit down and spend a few hours posting them for a few months in the future (every Monday at 8 am, or whatever you like). Then you can do it all at once, and your wonderful pictures will magically appear without your having to remember to post them on Sunday nights (or whenever). If something exciting happens and you take a set of pictures that you want to go up right away, you can put them up and then bump the post dates of your pictures further into the future.

3. Spread out your posts. Even if you have five wicked awesome pictures that you want everyone to see right away, curb your enthusiasm and set them to post further apart. I was so excited to post pictures of the brand-new Paresky Center that I posted them Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But then they only lasted 1/3 as long as they would have if I had posted them only one day a week. EphBlog readers love pictures, so spread the wealth out. For instance, Torrey recently posted two pictures of red berries. If she posted one of them now, and one of them two months from now, it would be the same amount of work for her and (nearly) twice as much benefit for readers.

4. Oh, and readers would probably appreciate it if you wrote some text to go with each picture, if only to have something to talk about in the comments. Just a sentence or two makes a big difference! For instance, if you are not making a guessing game like the Photo IDs, then you should probably tell readers where the photo was taken or what it is of.

Happy photographing and posting! Thanks in advance for making EphBlog more colorful and interesting.

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