The New York Times reports:

With their party’s candidate struggling in Massachusetts in a race for what should be the safest of Senate seats, Congressional Democrats are growing increasingly unnerved about the political consequences of the health care overhaul even as their leadership closes in on a final agreement.

Many Democrats say they still believe the best course is to forge ahead and enact sweeping health care changes, allowing them to claim the party has conquered a domestic issue that has long defied a legislative resolution.

But they also say the health fight has dragged on for far too long, denying Democrats the opportunity to concentrate on issues that are foremost in the minds of many Americans, jobs and the health of the economy.

Now the prospect of Attorney General Martha Coakley of Massachusetts losing on Tuesday in the special election to fill the seat of the late Edward M. Kennedy — the longtime champion of a health care overhaul — is intensifying anxiety among Democrats who were already worried about the 2010 midterm election environment.

Top Democrats said they believed the Massachusetts race was being wrongly interpreted as a referendum on the health care legislation when the fact that Ms. Coakley was locked in a tight race in heavily Democratic Massachusetts was due more to her running a complacent campaign and other errors.

“There will be more panic than is justified because it was more peculiar to her,” said Representative Barney Frank, a fellow Massachusetts Democrat.

Thanks, Barney!

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