Kevin Drum writes:

Martha Coakley is pretty obviously not going to win any awards for best Senate candidate of the year. But her Republican opponent in the Massachusetts special election for Ted Kennedy’s seat, Scott Brown, sure isn’t any great shakes either. According to an op-ed he wrote in the Boston Globe yesterday, his platform is this:

Oppose healthcare reform.
Oppose fiscal stimulus. (Because February’s stimulus bill “failed to create one new job.”)
An across-the-board tax cut, deficits be damned.
Harsh interrogation of the Christmas bomber.
This all comes under the rubric of “a new day is coming,” but it sure sounds like the same old tired GOP day to me. Is there even one thing in this entire piece that isn’t just a retread of eight years of the Bush/Cheney administration?

Not really. But shouldn’t that tell Drum something? If Brown beats Coakley with that platform, then the people of Massachusetts must have been pretty angry with Obama/Congress/Democrats. Ask not for whom the Brown tolls . . .

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