Will Slack ’11 starts an important discussion on WSO:

I know that talking about school policies is largely boring, and that we all have things we’d rather be doing than debate Proposal 3A versus Option 2B, but this shit really matters. Back in ’05 when the system was first proposed, there were debates, open letters, and opposition organizations formed against the change. Many of those groups made points about weaknesses in the system that history has borne out, as seen in the first Neighborhood Review Committee report. Most people now seem rather complacent, which is understandable: our housing situation is still fantastic compared to most other schools, where people often don’t get singles until senior year.

However, these potential changes are major:

  • Entries could be moved OUT OF Mission and Frosh Quad to all the upperclassmen dorms. (Proposal IV)
  • Sophomores could be forced to live together in a designated area of campus. (Proposal III)
  • Free-Agency (being able to live wherever on campus) might return. (Proposal II)
  • Housing could be reallocated among neighborhoods. (Proposal I, Mod D)
  • We could get theme housing or substance free housing.

However, I’m told that because we had such poor attendance, the committee is about done soliciting for public opinion, and that’s just sad. Because you didn’t show up, or submit comment, you’ve essentially given up your agency to the Neighborhood Review Committee. If their recommendation is accepted by the Dean, then game’s over, and any of the above could happen.

Come on, Williams. Read the 4 proposals (sent all-campus by Lizzy Brickley at Mon, 11 Jan 2010 5:48 PM), and say something about it, either here or sent to the committee. Give the students who will come after us a little bit of your time, so that they have the best system possible. We go to a school where each individual’s opinion can affect policy, so take that power and don’t let the wrong proposal go forwards.

If you’re a freshman, this is especially important, since you’ll live with this system longer than anyone else on campus.

And for those who think that your lives are too busy, I quote Aroop Mukharji ’09:

Don’t have time? Shut your mouth. It’s winter study.

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